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JalTest is the latest name of all innovative diagnostic system equipment you need for your garage or workshop. This multibrand diagnosis equipment will help you see the internal of a heavy or commercial vehicle, detect faults and offer you the solution!

At Parts & Transport we have partnered with Cojali Group sub-brand to bring truck mechanics, vehicle technicians and individuals that much needed computerised software tool that is both accurate and efficient.


Diagnostic systems for trucks, vans, trailers, tractors & other heavy vehicles

Trucks Diagnostics

Truck Diagnostics

The diagnosis tool for trucks provides different possibilities such as information on the use and location of the connectors, detection and description of errors, activation of the fan, compression test and other components, system data information and more

Bus Diagnostics

Bus Diagnostics

The diagnostic tool for buses by JalTest is an enhanced software design specifically focused on the maintenance of buses. It gives you precise information on the internal system of buses used for both long and short distances.

Trailer Diagnostics

Trailer Diagnostics

JalTest diagnostic tool is also a great equipment to analyse trailers. The device consists of all systems found in trailers for complete monitoring. It will help you look at the trailer’s electronic module, suspension, Anti-lock brake system (ABS) and the electronic braking system (EBS).

Van Diagnostics

Van Diagnostics

JalTest diagnostic tools have also been designed to offer diagnosis solutions for vans and pickup trucks. Though at first impression, the van diagnostic tool might feature the same characteristics of the truck and bus diagnostic software, it is totally independent.

Tractor Diagnostics

Tractor Diagnostics

The engine technology of agricultural vehicles has evolved and so the diagnosis devices. With JalTest we give you the possibility to have a closer look at your tractor’s internal performance, which is crucial for the productivity of your field.

Special Vehicles Diagnostics

Diagnostics of other vehicles

Specialised vehicles such as construction trucks, concrete mixers, skip loaders and garbage trucks are constantly on the go, daily and for long hours. So, failures in their system are inevitable! With the multibrand diagnostic software of JalTest you are able to repair faults fast and continue with real-time maintenance checks.

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